Rise of RAAM Gear Pack, Featured Ranked Playlist & more!

In Gears latest, The Coalition reveals the first featured Ranked playlist as part of summer of Gears, announces date of the Rise of RAAM Gear Pack & more in this week’s What’s Up.

Featured Ranked Playlist

Good news for the Diamond Scion chasers as Beginning August 13th until August 20th, the first featured Ranked playlist is Guardian with a whopping 4XP.

Not chasing that diamond rank? Then the play the featured ranked playlist next to grind to your next or first wing!

Rise of RAAM Gear Pack

This Friday will see Rise of RAAM content makes its way as a Credit variant Gear Pack and will be available for the whole week for 400 credits.

The 2000 credits option will be made available when the pack reappears.

Golden Gun

Are you chasing for the flaming and Heartbeat Boltok? If so, this weekend is your last chance to rack up 30 kills in Golden Gun or in any social playlist (with a boltok).


Design an Achievement

With the Achievement Design Contest came to a close, The Coalition will be shortlisting on submitted achievements to create a provision list. The provisional list (not final list) will be revealed next week but not all achievements will be disclosed.


Thats it for this week, until the next time.

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