Midnight Omen skins, returning Gear Pack & more

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post (time sure flies by when your so busy). Nevertheless, enough rambling from me and lets get right to it eh?

This week’s Whats Up article is here, giving us a lowdown of whats to come.


Are you a fan of the staff chainsaw wielding priest who makes RAAM look like a goddamn pushover? Then your in luck as Skorge joins the line of craftable characters later today along with Flame Grenadier for those that missed to snag skorge the first time round in packs.

Both Skorge and Flame Grenadier can be crafted for 2400 scrap and found in standard Gear Packs.



Tomorrow will see the return of the Trashball Gear pack. This Gear pack first made its debut back in February 2018, coinciding with the superbowl and return of Blitz in Gears of War 4.

The pack will be available throughout the weekend for 400 credits.

But thats not all, next month Rise of RAAM content will become available through credit purchasable Gear Packs. If you’re like me and opted not to buy the megapacks last month, then is an opportunity you sure don’t want to miss.

The coalition has also teased a brand new pack also arriving in August, hinting that “things are about to get a little more glowie.”


Horde Mania has returned Giving fans and collectors alike to grab for midnight Omen weapon skins – the Snub, Longshot, Retro and Torque Bow – through Boss loot drops at wave 25 and 50.

The Midnight Omen boss loot drops will only be available until August 3rd, so make sure to conquer the Horde beforehand!



Since launch, The Coalition has added an assortment of achievements across Campaign, Horde and Versus for players to unlock in Gears of War 4. For the last batch of achievements, the Gears of War Developer announces a community achievement design contest in recognition of the upcoming 2nd anniversary of Gears of War 4. A thread will be put up on the official forums to submit your ideas on July 27th.

Will you be participating in the contest?

Season 3 Rewards

In case you missed it, but Season 3 rewards have started to roll out. Due to the large scale nature of the deployment, The Coalition has stated that the rewards will take few days to receive.

Current status of reward deployment:


TDM: Diamond, Onyx, Gold, Silver, Bronze
KOTH: Diamond, Onyx, Gold, Silver, Bronze

July 30:

Escalation: Diamond

Well that’s it on the Gears 4 front this week folks, until the next time.

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