It’s been 3 years since the inception of Gears Declassified back in April 2015. Gears Declassified started with the original purpose of keeping the Gears Community with all Gears related news but like with all great fan pages/sites,  I needed to try and aim to keep Gears Declassified fresh.  So as time progressed, the page eventually expanded to promoting events hosted by the community, showcasing Gears 4 related developer art and providing fans with nostalgia with some occasional Character quotes.

To this day,  while I’m still a one man team when managing Gears Declassified (surprised that I haven’t run it into the ground yet!), I try to give back to the community in any way I can. As such, following @GearsDeclassified hitting it’s 3,000 followers milestone; I’m happy to introduce A fansite not only focused on keeping the community informed on all things Gears but also aim to provide a useful resource for fans and potentially creatives alike.  However this is just the beginning, as you can see I have some website development experience and in time you can likely expect custom features integrated into the site in due course. In the meantime, the site consists of the following features:

  • Community Hub – The Community Hub allows fans to follow key individuals or groups that provides valuable content or contributes to the community.  This hub features an assortment of established creatives, from established/known content creators to event and podcast show organisers. This page also provides a real time list of individuals that are livestreaming Gears of War 4, allowing fans to tune in to any stream should they desire.
  • Game Hub – Find news and information about the upcoming Gears titles all in one place as each title has its own dedicated page in the Game Hub. Each of the game pages will also feature theoretical and analysis discussions  as well as a gallery of screenshots and potentially some cut out image assets.
  • Weapon Skin Acquisition Hub – Find all information how to acquire current weapon skins all in one place. This hub also lists weapon skins previously obtainable through past events.

With that said, if you managed to stick around despite my godforsaken writing, then thanks for reading and hope to see you all visit regularly. However on the off chance, you dislike the website in anyway, be sure to tweet or message me your feedback at GowDeclassified on twitter.  Alternatively, you can contact me on the official Gears Forums or Gears Reddit as I’m a fairly active user in those places.

Just to note, this site uses few plugins and the theme used has been modified extensively, if anyone encounters any issues then be sure to contact me.

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